Flying 12000 miles

Well it’s late on a Sunday night here in NZ and I am writing this blog on my iPod so please excuse the spelling. I am just about to take the 24hour flight from New Zealand to the UK for our expos and seminars. It’s been a busy week and we now have over 400 live jobs that we will be bringing to the UK with us from NZ and 100 s more waiting back in NZ. If you are coming along make sure you speak to Jenny who is our international employment facilitator who assists people with our journey to work service. For those of you who have been to other Expos and felt you got lots of information but left the event with more questions than you started with our expos and seminars are different. If you come along to the working in visa stand you will get an overview of the immigration process and be able to speak directly with licensed advisors who have helped hundreds of people make the move to New Zealand and Australia. Get the insight from people who have actually made the move and settled successfully. If you are serious about migrating check out
I will also be posting a daily video blog on our facebook page for behind the scenes footage and some insight into why we do what we do. Watch and you may be surprised. Follow us on facebook via
On a personal note it has been a tough weekend where we had to put one if our dogs down after a long term skin condition. We have a beautiful house in NZ with a large garden that he loved racing around and barking at the horses and various birds that flew into his territory. We originally shipped two dogs from the UK to NZ and they have both now passed on but Winston was our first kiwi dog. So my thoughts are with my family and also with those of you who want to make this life changing journey no matter how hard it can be sometimes. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

See you in the UK soon

Paul Goddard

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