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Greetings! And welcome to post #1 of our new look blog! Any thoughts? Feel free to share. The idea of the refurb was mainly to split out the content for the three countries we love most: Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The new look will give you everything you need about the country you’re most keen on, while Canada and New Zealand are still just a tab away.

And (… drum roll please …) announcing our New Service Offering, Working In Visas! Historically, we’ve been known best amongst the public for our job boards, and that’s not going away. We’ve always helped out with visas too, but that’s tended to be run off the back of the employment side. But that was then, and this is now! So if you want an Australian visa, you need to check it out.

Why are we doing this? Because visas are both vitally important and – frankly – horribly complex. We see far too many people get daunted and turn away from it midway through, often after months of wasted effort. Or we see people muddle through applications with the wrong information, that we could have seen was compromised from the outset. Worst of all, we meet people who have poured countless hours into visa applications that are simply the wrong ones: even if they get them, they won’t let them do the things they want.

So Working In Visas puts you directly in touch with the people who can make your visa happen. I urge you to check it out.


Australia on the radar: immigration news wires

There’s news out of Canberra that the the immigration process is getting a shake up. This stems from the welcome admission that the current process is – in the words of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton – “difficult to navigate.” No kidding!

So, what’s on the menu? On the downside, the government has shelved plans for a short term mobility visa, and raised the bar for employers to demonstrate non-discriminatory employment practices.

Both these measures will take away a bit of flexibility for both applicants and employers. If your visa application involves employer sponsorship, you might have to wait a bit longer for them to comply with the paperwork.

The upside? Australian workplaces are probably more secure places as a result. This goes to the heart of egalitarian Australian culture. We’ve always been pretty keen on the idea of a fair go for everyone.

The review also looks likely to simplify visa requirements and reduce overlapping visa pathways, which should be welcome news to anyone considering Australia as a destination. For instance, there are currently at least eight different student visas. The sooner we can put an end to that, the better.

So, if you’re after an Australian visa, get in touch with our visa team. And if it’s a job you’re after, there are plenty over here.


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