Govt survey: jobs and growth, strong on both

In May, the Department of Employment published a fairly substantial survey of the Australian job market. Some of the comparisons are a little tricky, because they’re matched against different benchmark years. But it has some great insights, so to save you all a click and 48 pages of densely typed government speak, here are the highlights.

Top line: it’s all good.

There are more jobs, and fewer unemployed people. The number of people in work grew by 2.6% in the 12 months to January, and unemployment dropped from 6.2% to 5.8%. Better yet, the job market across the country is predicted to grow by 8.3% between now and 2020. That’s about a million jobs coming online.

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Qualified workers: this way please

Over the 19 sectors surveyed, all but three showed growth. Here are the hot categories (showing job growth over the five years to Nov 2015):

  • Health care and social assistance (up 27%: 256,600)
  • Professional, scientific and technical services (up 18%:173,000)
  • Education and training (up 9%: 88,100)

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The other growing job sectors include retail; accommodation & food services; financial and insurance service; construction; public administration and safety; and postal, transport and warehousing.

All states point to growth.

New South Wales was by far the stand-out state, with employment growth of 4.4% since 2014. The next biggest growth was in Victoria, at 2.4%. Tasmania showed the least growth at 0.5%, but even here the five year projection sees over 5% growth.

Good news for women

In a progressive measure, the report shows the positive national trends reflected in female employment: more women are working (up 3.5%), and women now constitute 46% of the total workforce, while fewer women are unemployed (5.9%).

Bechtel woman worker

There’s more good news for women. While female representation in the workforce varies widely, the categories in which women are most strongly represented are either the ones showing the most overall growth, or are already among the biggest, or both. That includes:

  • Health and social assistance (79% female)
  • Education and training (70% female)
  • Retail trade (55% female, and the second largest category overall)

You can check out the full report over here.

Job: check! Visa: check! 

It’s extremely good to get this data. Here in Aussie the economy has been a bit up and down since 2008. But this survey shows things settling into strong and consistent growth. So, if you want to join in the action, check out our job boards. Or, if that’s already underway, get your visa sorted.

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