Loving life in Perth – our top 10

Time was when Melbourne was hipster central, Sydney was a fashion parade, and Brisbane was the world capital of all things beachy. But times have changed. Well, those cities are still awesome. But lots of people don’t know that Perth now turns on all these things with both quantity and quality. Here are the top ten things you can expect when you get to Perth:

  1. Weather: more than fine! Average highest temperature in January is 31℃ (88℉). Average lowest in June is 9℃ (48℉). You can expect about 650mm of rain a year, which is about the same as Barcelona. In fact, Perth belongs to a category of places known by climate scientists as “Mediterranean”. In other words, it’s what we call “nice.”
  2. Beaches. Seriously. With 12,000 kilometres of empty ocean between Perth and Africa, there’s a clean swell of clear water breaking over thousands of miles of sweet, sandy coast. To what better purpose could we harness our brilliant weather?
  3. Transport. Perth has the lowest commute time of any major Australian city: 27 minutes. Public transport includes buses, trains and ferries. It’s not expensive, and a SmartRider card will knock 15% off the fare. Better yet, there’s a Free Transit Zone in the CBD.
  4. Houses. Australia has a great climate and most recent architecture reflects this. We call it “indoor-outdoor flow”, which simply means you can get from the kitchen to the pool in your high heels with a tray of cocktails, without an unscheduled lie-down on your generously sized lawn, en route. 🙂
  5. National Parks. Aussies love the great outdoors, and Western Australia has ten of them, including some of the largest. It’s a sort of crime to come to WA and not experience these parks. They boast a natural beauty, as rugged as it is diverse.
  6. Ancient cultures. People have been living in Australia for over 40,000 years, making the Australian aboriginals some of the longest surviving ethnicities on Earth. Although aboriginal culture isn’t as visible within Australian society as it could be, if you’re lucky enough to make a connection it’ll be a memorable experience.
  7. New Cultures. Perth has a flourishing and diverse ethnic make up, consisting of English, Irish, Italian, Chinese, Scottish, Vietnamese, Malaysia, Thai, Indian and Aboriginal peoples.
  8. Work. Perth provides a support hub for extensive mining and extraction industries throughout the vast reaches of Western Australia. And – while that is an enormous economy in it’s right – it is only part of Perth’s diverse employment pattern, which is dominated by professional and trade services.
  9. Christmas. We live in the southern hemisphere, where we not only walk around upside down, but also, you could be eating Christmas dinner on a 30℃ (86℉) afternoon. As a result, nobody’s going to mind if you bunk off to the beach. That’s where we’ll be.
  10. Halloween. This is growing in popularity in Australia, and some neighborhoods embrace it. But, again, coming in the middle of Spring, you’ll be welcoming in the light, rather than the dark. As long as you can get your head around that, no worries.

So if you think you could become a little part of Perth, check out our job boards now for opportunities in WA.

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