Christmas at the North Pole


Well, that was an interesting year. America Trumped. Briton Brexited. Add to that the loss of our beloved Leonard Cohen, and for lots of us, the holiday season can’t come soon enough.

Which is just as well, because, living in the closest country on Earth to the North Pole, Canadians can expect Santa to visit our chimneys first before he ventures further south.

So get together with your people and eat, drink and be merry. And then get busy, because despite being a holiday, this is the time of year when those of us with a yearning to move to Canada need to get things happening. First, take advantage of the time off work to kick that Canadian visa application into gear. Second, get a job.

You could start in the approved manner of our time: with a mobile app. Here’s one we’ve seen before, targeting American refugees from “the unfathomable horror” of a Trump presidency. The catch? Singles only; it’s a dating app. Do we recommend marriages of convenience? Never. But if you’re going down this path (or any other visa pathway, for that matter) you want to get it right and do it once. Talk to us to find out how (and no, we’re not seeking proposals of marriage!).

If you’re thinking of a move in 2017, now is the perfect time to act. Lots of companies see the new year as a good time to regroup for the year ahead, and kick off new initiatives after the pre-Christmas silly season, when everyone runs round in circles just to stay in the same place.

As a job seeker, just by being around for the holidays can give you a distinct advantage. So refresh your CV with some urgency, and get in touch with employers who want to see it right about now, over here.

Similarly, do what you can on the visa front before you go. Coming back to a process you’ve already begun will be much more motivating than starting cold on your return. Besides, by then, you’ll be focused on going back to work and … it’ll never happen. So start it now. We are behind you! 🙂

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