Australia’s Most Popular Expat Cities

Have your heart set on Australia, but unsure which city would suit you best? International removal company Pickfords reviews their customers’ top five Australian cities. Read on to get a flavour of each destination to help you decide which Australian city is right for you. You can also click the link if are planning to work in Australia.


The central business district is easily commutable from Adelaide’s eastern suburbs or the coast. Many expats find decent work in the city centre while taking advantage of the lower living costs outside it.


Queensland’s capital boasts lower living costs than the likes of Sydney or Melbourne. The city is known for alfresco dining and outdoor entertainment, complimented by a warm, pleasant climate.


With a growing economy, Perth has the job prospects and vibrant culture of a typical bustling capital. Yet the sparse population allows for low pollution, clean beaches and abundant greenery, making it the best of both worlds.


Among Australia’s oldest cities, Melbourne is a hub of sport, art, technology and transport. The city’s diverse population and economy deliver a wide variety of entertainment, cuisines and nightlife to suit any taste.


Great job prospects, beautiful scenery, reliable public transport, high standards of education and healthcare… Sydney is the complete package. No wonder it’s Australia’s #1 expat city!


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