Canada’s Most Popular Expat Cities

Have your heart set on Canada, but unsure which city would suit you best? International removal company Pickfords reviews their customers’ top five Canadian cities. Read on to get a flavour of each destination to help you decide which city is right for you, you can also find jobs in Canada here.


Canada’s second largest economic centre, the city is a hub for many industries, including aerospace, technology, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and transportation. Montreal is also known as the best city to study abroad.


The Canadian capital is an important cultural centre, featuring perhaps the largest number of museums, theatres and heritage sites per capita in the world. Government, technology and construction jobs dominate the expat market.


A beautiful city surrounded by breathtaking mountains and lakes. Active types can enjoy hiking, biking and golf, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Jobs in oil and gas pay well and are plentiful.


This western seaboard city is a melting pot of culture and diversity. More than half the residents speak a first language other than English, and the streets are packed with theatres, night clubs, music venues and bars.


Canada’s economic hub is well known for trade, business and education. Residents enjoy a high standard of living through great public transport, world-class education and quality healthcare. Opportunities abound in finance, media, telecommunications and IT.

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