Emigrating to Australia: 11 important things to do before you leave

It’s never too soon to begin planning your move to Australia. From changing your address to booking the removal company, there’s a lot to consider. The following checklist will help you make sure you’ve covered off the essentials when preparing to emigrate:

1. Sort out the paperwork

Finalise your visa and work permit, and make sure your passport is valid. Make copies of important documents (birth and marriage certificates, deeds, customs information) to keep with you during the move.

2. Update your addresses

Make a list of people and organisations that will need to know your new address, and make sure they are all informed in good time. You can also arrange for the Royal Mail to redirect your post to Australia for up to 12 months.

3. Arrange any temporary accommodation

If you won’t be moving straight into your new home in Australia, make sure you book temporary accommodation well in advance.

4. Don’t forget the pets!

Make travel arrangements for any pets you wish to take with you and make sure their vaccinations and travel documents are up to date.

5. Finalise your utilities

Arrange for your gas, water, electricity and TV licence to be disconnected. Obtain your final bills.

6. Have a clear-out

Give yourself plenty of time to sort through your belongings before packing. Identify anything that you won’t need in Australia, or that might cause problems at customs, and donate, dispose of, recycle or put them into storage.

7. Book your transport

Book your flights and car rental. If needed, apply for an Australian driving licence.

8. Check compatibility of your electronics

Make sure any electrical items you intend to take will work in Australia. Most UK devices will work with an Australian (type I) plug adapter. You will need a multi-region DVD player to use UK DVDs in Australia, though UK Blu-rays should work fine.

9. Power down your white goods

Disconnect the washing machine, defrost the freezer and trail petrol and oil from any power equipment you intend to take to Australia.

10. Get ready to travel

Separate hand luggage from your consignment and buy any required travel items, such as entertainment, comfort items or sleep aids.

11. Book your international removal company

Arrange for a home survey, packing, shipping, and any storage needed with your removal company.

Pickfords, the UK’s largest removals and storage company, provides regular shipments to Australia as well as customs advice on the run up to your move. To find out more, or to book a survey, click here or call 0800 019 8556.

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