A big country keeps on growing

The Canadian jobs market continues to boom, too. According to recent figures released by Statistics Canada, employment in the Maple Nation has grown by 374,000 in the 12 months leading up to August 2017 – that’s a rise of 2.1 percent. That means there’s never been a better time to make the move to the Big Country – and we at Working In can help you do it.


At the moment, we’re assisting hospitality and tourism professionals in their quest to migrate to Canada, buy helping them land a job that suits their experience and qualifications – and also by taking care of the immigration process for them. That’s right – we’ve partnered up with Canada’s best immigration experts to help ensure that your move to the country is a smooth as can be, meaning that you’ll be ready to start working (and living!) as soon as your plane lands.


Movin’ on up


By starting the wheels turning now, you stand every chance of making it to Canada in time for the height of ski season ()we know we’ve already mentioned that, but that’s just how much we love the slopes!), and there’s a good possibility that you’ll able to enjoy a white Christmas – no more opening the curtains on Christmas Day and seeing the dreary, grey skies outside!


Be sure to get in touch with us to find out more about making the move to Canada.


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